Carrying out technical inspection and certification of product approval in accordance with national and international standards in accordance with the license of the National Center for National Certification of Iran and using qualified inspectors qualified in the following fields of expertise:
  • Inspection of all lifting equipment, lifting assistance and workshop and hydraulic elevators
  • Inspection of pressure vessels, boilers and storage tanks and industrial pipelines
  • Inspection of electric elevators before periodic technical inspection and inspection
  • System Inspection System Integrated System
  • Implementation of non-destructive tests of various topics with VT, UT, MT, PT, RT, ET methods
  • Weld Inspection and NDT Structural Steel Structures and Industrial Structures
  • Periodic inspections of industrial units include plumbing and pressure equipment
  • Inspection, Thickness Testing and Calculations of Corrosion, Residual Life, and Inspection Periods
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Fitness For Services (FFS), industrial units in accordance with international standards


In this field a condition survey on the all parts of crane such as Hydraulic parts, Wire, Winch, Boom, Controlling system,….will be carried out and in case if it’s accepted a proof load test will be performed too. The following services are provided by our professional engineers & staffs :
  • All kinds of Mobile crane with Telescopic & Lattic Booms.
  • All kinds of Shore crane, Gantry crane.
  • All kinds of Offshore, Pedestal and Baraje crane.
  • All kinds of Lift Trucks,Top lift, Reach stackers, Transtainer.
  • All kinds of Loaders, Dozers, Excavators,Backhoe, Trailer, Truck, …
  • All kinds of Lifting Facilities such as Wire rope sling, Shackles, Hook, Blocks,Chain sling, Spreader, Belt & basket.
Lift Truck


The provision of technical inspection and safety services for various types of elevators by selected, inspired, and experienced inspectors, based on world-class standards and most scientific methods.
It is proud to succeed after one of the most accurate, systematic and efficient audits of the National Organization for Standardization and Industrial Research in Iran, as well as Iran’s qualification system for inspection of electric elevators based on the national standard 1- 6303 In addition to providing the tasks assigned to the standard issue of the National Iranian Standards Organization as one of the few trusted companies of this organization, to provide inspection services for other types of elevators such as hydraulic elevators, workshops, lift loaders, complex systems Equilibrium without engine room also.
It should be clarified that the initial qualification certificate of the company for the inspection of elevators for 2014 has been renewed after the initial validity of the license has been renewed for the second time.
Commitment to employers’ secrecy principles, accurate inspection and delivery of complete reports in the shortest possible time after inspections. All efforts of this complex will be in the direction of more and more employer confidence building.


Elevator inspection services

The elevator inspection service is divided into two sections of inspection, after installation and before operation, as well as periodic inspection:

A) Inspection and supervision after installation and before operation (end of work):
– Check the installed equipment and how to install the system according to the national standard of Iran to number 1-6303
– Inspecting the lift well and how to install the equipment installed in the well
– Inspecting how to install the bumpers and how to install the base (platform) cabin impactors and balance weights.
– Visit the weight of the balance and how to align the weights in the weights
– Inspection of cabin lift
– Inspect the operation of the cabin command buttons and their operating conditions
– Inspection of door classes and summoning classes
– Inspection from the roof of the cabin
– Inspection of tow bars and how to harness and install them
– Inspecting door locks and how they function
– Inspection of the cab guide rails and balance weights
– Inspection of the elevator engine room
– Inspect the engine and steering system
– Inspection of how the system works, as well as visiting the gates and how to install them
– Perform relevant tests including brake, balancing and electrical tests related to the panel
B) Periodic inspection and monitoring:
– Technical inspection of the lift after one year from the initial certificate or after major changes in the system in accordance with (i) the national standard of Iran
– Ocular inspection of the whole system and how the parts work
– Inspecting the lift pit
– Inspection of the elevator cabin
– Inspection of the roof of the cabin, locks as well as the operation of the tow bars
– Visit the engine house and engine performance and steering wheel
– Perform relevant tests that should not be more stringent than initial inspection
– The safety components are of particular importance during the periodic inspection and are fully inspected as the initial inspection.


International Technical Inspection Reconstruction Team of South Industry, as one of the licensed companies from Iran’s National Accreditation Center, the National Iranian Standards Organization and approved personnel of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Protection Labor Inspection and Training Center, in the field of inspection of reservoirs Under pressure, its inspection service has begun since 1964.
The company is equipped with experienced technical inspectors to provide technical services and supervision of pressure equipment including types of heat exchangers, air coolers and cooling towers, industrial storage and plumbing tanks in the oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, industries industries. Steel, food and pharmaceutical industries and other industrial sites, with the aim of ensuring the integrity of the reservoir and its non-degradation during operation.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessel inspection services are divided into three main parts of the tank inspection during construction, inspection and supervision at the time of major repairs and periodic inspections.

A) Inspection and supervision during construction:

  • Determine the general status of the factory in terms of hardware for making and having a quality control system acceptable.
  • Approve design or approval of the design of the tank under pressure in terms of dimensions, thickness and design calculations
  • Inspection and approval of consumable materials including sheets, fittings, flanges, electrodes, etc.
  • Welders and Welding Operators Certification and Certification (WQT)
  • Checking and Approval of Welding Procedure (PQR & WPS) All Quality Control Testing Instructions
  • Confirmation of Non-Destructive Testing Group
  • Inspection of lens shaping (Dimensional control of lenses) according to the reservoir construction plans
  • Inspection and Inspection of Broaching and Sheet Shaping
  • Supervision and assembly inspection
  • Dimensional inspection in all stages of construction
  • Monitor how destructive and non-destructive testing is done through document control or presence during its execution
  • Final and dimensional inspection
  • Supervising the hydrostatic test
  • Sandblast monitoring and inspection
  • Color inspection and inspection
  • Packaging inspection and marking
  • Revision and control of the Final Book
  • Certification and Release Note and Nameplate

B) Inspection and supervision at the time of major repairs:

  • Supervision of welding in accordance with the repair instructions
  • Thickness measurement
  • Hydrostatic test

C) Periodic inspection:

  • Ocular control and inspection inside the tank
  • Calculations for minimum tank thickness (if required) and thickness measurement
  • Hydrostatic test
  • Check the performance of control equipment

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas processing equipment With rely on our expert engineers and staffs & authorization letter from National Iranian Oil Company (N.I.O.C)the following inspection services would be offered:
  • Storage tanks inspection.
  • Boiler & Pressure vessels.
  • All kinds of heat exchanger.
  • air cooler & cooling towers.
  • Pump & compressors – Reactors.
  • Wellhead equipments parts (spool & casing )
  • Drilling facilities – Pipe line, fittings and valves.