Various Marine Inspections

  • Draft survey for bulk commodities on the vessels & barges.
  • Ullage survey for liquid & gas materials on the vessels or shore tanks.
  • On/off hire survey at the time of delivery/redelivery of vessels.
  • Condition survey on cargo, container, vessel’s gear/ hull, grab, pre-loading & after loading, presales for marine fleet.
  • Bunker survey.
  • Damage survey on cargo, container, vessel’s gear /hull.
  • Cargo lashing & securing condition survey on general cargoes.
  • Tallying on packed , bagged, bundled cargoes, barrel ,tin ,box , case ,crate ,roll ,reel & palletized commodities.
  • Port demurrage consulting services.
  • Issuing Towage Approval Certificate for towed & towing vessels.
بندر، اسکله و بازرسی دریایی
خط درافت
  • Ordering management and consulting of shipbuilding for all type of merchant ships.
  • System’s improvement in Quality Control and performing necessary training to concerned specialist in shipbuilding.
  • To do services in general management of ocean going and tankers vessels.
  • Planning and optimizing of shipbuilding process using progressive methods and mechanism of advanced shipbuilders.Verifying and approval of shipbuilding plans.
  • Supervision & technical inspection during shipbuilding and carrying out required tests related to Hull,Machinery ,Control, Navigation and Communications.
  • Development of technical knowledge of shipbuilder in Iran using experiences of local and foreign experts.
  • Training of personnel with regards to Safety and Quality Control.
  • Underwater inspection using ROV in Persian Gulf. Auditing of ISM & ISO.
  • Investigation of incidents accidents and finding root causes that being occurred in all types of vessels.